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The family business ELEADORA, was founded as a personal company in 2013, in Brussels, by Mrs Anastasia Moraitou and in 2018 became SRL/BV, VAT No BE0693716680. The company imports and distributes, in Belgium and other countries, quality products.

The company trades quality products from Greece, developing long-term business partnerships with trust and mutual respect. Started offering superb extra virgin olive oil from Monemvasia, located in Peloponnese, southeast of Sparta. The company exclusively represents selected farmers, who respect the environment, have long experience and agree with the company's philosophy and standards. Combining tradition and scientific knowledge guarantees the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
After the success of the ELEADORA extra virgin olive oil, more food products were added - fresh (cheeses, fishes, meat products) and dry (pistachios, dried fruits, raisins, figs, carob products, olives, salts, wines) as well as fresh mediterranean fruits (oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, pomegranates, avocados, watermelons, kiwi, strawberries) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli). The assortment is increasing steadily. The target is to create a dynamic product portfolio based on the incomparable quality and reasonable prices.

- Most of the farmers with whom the company collaborates are certified organic, that means they follow cultivation methods which are friendly towards the environment and all flora and fauna. That guarantees their products are of organic farming and complies with the European Standards (EU Regulation 834/2007).
- The company is certified organic, since 2013, by TÜV NORD INTEGRA, which is a well known certification body.
- The company is a member, since 2013, of the GS1 Association Greece (barcodes) and also is a member of the Fost Plus in Belgium (recycling).

- The company has established long-term partnerships with distributors and wholesalers as well as with organic shops, delis, supermarkets, boulangeries, patisseries, fromageries, poissonneries and restaurants.
- The company is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the products from the producer till the door of the shop.
- Facilitating the wholesale order process via eshop: https://eshop.eleadora.be

- Never compromise on quality.
- Flexibility in the collaboration with the clients.
- Payment of the producers in advance respecting their work and demanding the best quality.
- Contract with some producers to have guaranteed product quality, availability and fixed prices. 

The company, for the current year, 2024, has as main goals on the one hand to extend its products’ portfolio, and on the other hand to establish more partnerships across Belgium and abroad.-

Anastasia Moraitou

Mrs Anastasia Moraitou