ELEADORA organic extra virgin olive oil /

huile d'olive extra vierge biologique /

biologische extra vergine olijfolie


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


est. 2013

The ELEADORA organic extra virgin olive oil is produced and bottled in Monemvasia, in the southeastern Peloponnese, the land of the Spartans. The combination of the local, unique variety “Athenolia” with the famous “Koroneiki”, gives a full bodied, peppery, fruity olive oil with a long lasting flavor.

The ELEADORA organic extra virgin olive oil is of superior category and is obtained directly from freshly hand picked olives and extracted solely by mechanical means. Because of the method of cold extraction the organoleptic ingredients of our olive oil are preserved and so you can enjoy its freshness.

The farmers and the mill are certified by BIO-HELLAS. Our company is certified by TÜV NORD INTEGRA. This product is 100% USDA certified organic.

The harvest depends on two factors, the terroir (microclimate) and the varieties of olive.

Depending on the microclimate of the area where the estates are located, the olives are harvested from the beginning of November to the end of January. The winter in our area is mild with no snow and no ice. That is because we are located at the southern point of the mainland of Europe and our area is surrounded by the sea.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from two varieties of olives - Athenolia which is an indigenous variety of our region and Koroneiki which is an indigenous variety of the Peloponnese. The first matures early and the second matures later.

We take care that the olives are harvested at the beginning of ripening (green and/or purple colour of olives) so that we have the maximum number of polyphenols and antioxidants (Oleocanthal, Oleuropein, Tyrosol). This quality gives us the health claim which is very important. Our olive oil has proven to protect our health.


  • Glass bottle dorica 750 ml

  • Metal tin 3 lt, 5 lt, 18 lt

  • Pallet container 1000 lt

  • Isothermal truck 25 ton

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ELEADORA health claim FR & NL

Allégation de santé pour l'huile d'olive ELEADORA

Gezondheidsclaim voor oljifolie ELEADORA

Règlement Union Européenne No 432/2012

ELEADORA extra virgin olive oil 750 ml 3lt 5 lt

Photo: View of our village Agios Ioannis Monemvasia and the olive groves.