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Olive BBQ briquettes from Kalamata, Greece

KLIMIS - KOTARIDIS Family, 3rd generation

EU patented (EPO) - Eco-Innovative product - European Awarded

  • Olive BBQ brriquettes - Charbons de grignons d'olive:

- in bags of 3 Kg, 10 Kg and 15 Kg

The key advantages during combustion are:

- No smell

- No smoke

- Doesn’t spark

- Easy to light up

- Free of chemicals

- Cook your food to perfection

- High heating power of 6366 kcal/kg

- Produced with methods friendly to the environment

- Emits 30% less carbon monoxide than wood charcoal

It is a patented product, unique of its kind, which has enormous resonance in the world.

Charbons de grignons d'olive
Olive BBQ briquettes